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Generator interconnection:  We walk clients through the different CAISO and Investor-Owned Utility (IOU) interconnection processes, including any available options, and help them select the approaches most likely to make their projects successful.

Required agreements:  We help clients meet all contract requirements, including CAISO Participating Generator Agreements, Meter Service Agreements, PIRP Letter of Intent (for variable-energy renewable resources), and Interconnection Agreements, a well as commercial agreements with Scheduling Coordinators (see below).

Scheduling Coordinator selection:  Each generating unit in the CAISO area must have an SC. Our assistance can include, as needed:

Explaining respective roles and responsibilities of generators and SCs;
Helping clients identify services they will require from their SCs;
Assisting clients in SC selection, including recommending qualified candidates, preparing cost/service comparisons, helping clients choose an SC, and/or working with chosen SCs to prepare the necessary agreements.

Generator start-up:  We brief clients on required generator start-up/synchronization processes and procedures, so projects comes on-line smoothly and without unnecessary delays.

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